Vampires Quiz

Vampires Quiz



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#1. What 2022 film stars Jared Leto as a scientist turned vampire with an unstoppable thirst for blood?

#2. Who made a film called "Batman Dracula" without the permission of DC Comics?

#3. What was the name of the first English poem to mention a vampire?

#4. What music group got their name from an Anne Rice vampire novel quote?

#5. Which popular film director made a movie about vampires in 1998?

#6. What were the vampires mentioned in Babylonian demonology called?

#7. The vampire character Count von Count appeared on which TV show?

#8. What did Lincoln order to be confiscated to make vampire-killing weapons in "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter"?

#9. What novel published in 1819 included the vampire character Lord Ruthven?

#10. In what year was the Vampire Research Society founded?

#11. What vampire did Louis create for Claudia in Anne Rice's "Interview With the Vampire"?

#12. Which is not a common characteristic of vampires?

#13. Which actress played the role of Vampira?

#14. Which author wrote a 9-volume series about Dracula?

#15. Who wrote the novel series "Vampire Academy"?

#16. Who was the first actor to play Dracula in a tux and cape?

#17. What Roman holiday was held to exercise vampire-like ghosts?

#18. How did Claudia die in the Anne Rice novel "Interview with the Vampire"?

#19. What is the children's novel series written by James and Deborah Howe, featuring a vampire rabbit?

#20. What did the vampires in "Near Dark" do to their motor home?

#21. A corpse was thought to have become a vampire if what occurred?

#22. Charlaine Harris, the author of "The Southern Vampire Mysteries", also wrote what book turned TV series?

#23. Which actress played Luna in "Mark of the Vampire" in 1935?

#24. Who is the villain in the movie "Vampire Hunter D"?

#25. Where would you find the fictional Dracula's castle?

#26. Which is not a common way to repel vampires?

#27. Which region has the richest vampire folklore and legends?

#28. What word is defined in the Oxford Language Dictionary as the action or practices of a vampire?

#29. What is the name of the mother of all vampires?

#30. What cartoon began serialization the year Bram Stoker was born?

#31. Vampires were often believed to kill which animal?

#32. What is the hotel's name in the season of "American Horror Story: Hotel"?

#33. What was the original meaning of the word "vampire"?

#34. Which author wrote "Count Dracula's Canadian Affair"?

#35. Who wrote the classic story "Dracula"?

#36. In what year were vampires banished from comic books?

#37. How did Sookie Stackhouse's parents die in the television show "True Blood"?

#38. Which was the name of a vampire witch from Albanian folklore?

#39. Which was once thought to be a cause of vampirism?

#40. What movie introduced the phrase "vamp out"?

#41. Which is not a common way to destroy a vampire?

#42. What is the girl's name who can track Charlie Manx in the show "NOS4A2"?

#43. Eric Northman is a vampire from which novel?

#44. Who wrote "He comes, pale vampire, mouth to my mouth"?

#45. What animal is devoured by maggots in the opening credits of the series "True Blood"?

#46. Which poem by Lord Byron introduced many beliefs about vampires?

#47. What was once considered a way to destroy a vampire?

#48. Vampirism is the term describing which specific practice?

#49. What vegetable is thought to keep vampires away?

#50. Which ancient Egyptian goddess became a vampire?

#51. Sookie Stackhouse is the heroine in whose set of vampire novels?

#52. What is the name of the Irish vampire who befriends the Preacher in the comic series "Preacher"?

#53. What is the vampire-themed tabletop role-playing game created by Mark Rein-Hagen and released in 1991?

#54. Vampires supposedly struck which African country in 2002?

#55. Slavic vampires were called "Strigoi", which means what?

#56. Vampires are typically known for turning into which animal?

#57. Where must vampires return before taking their rest?

#58. In the Anne Rice novel "The Queen of the Damned", who is the only vampire that Armand has made?

#59. Which actor plays the lead in John Carpenter's "Vampires"?

#60. What is the first line of the poem that Bella reads to open "Twilight: Breaking Dawn Pt. 1"?

#61. Which author wrote the classic vampire novelette "Carmilla" in 1872?

#62. Who was a Serbian peasant who was believed to have become a vampire and killed nine of his fellow villagers?

#63. Which is a common characteristic of vampires?

#64. Bill Compton is a vampire from which novel?

#65. In what film must a hunter protect a cross from vampires?

#66. What is the title of George R.R. Martin's novel about vampirism?

#67. What was the name of the first vampire ballet?

#68. In 1985 biochemist David Dolphin proposed a link between what disorder and vampire folklore?

#69. What is the name of the only vampire-themed breakfast cereal?

#70. What is the name of the vampire hunter and animator in Laurell K. Hamilton's "The Harlequin"?

#71. What was the name of the vampire in "Fright Night"?

#72. What vampire-themed movie won the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival?

#73. What 1979 hit comedy film spoofed vampire movies?

#74. Complete the title of the 2020 American comedy horror film, "Vampires vs. ____"?

#75. Who was the head vampire in the movie "The Lost Boys"?

#76. Count Dracula is a character in which of these games?

#77. What historical figure is said to be the inspiration for Dracula?

#78. How many books were there in the original "Vampire Chronicles"?

#79. Complete the 2020 book title, "Vampires Never Get Old: Tales with _______"?

#80. Which soap opera featured a vampire storyline?

#81. In the movie "Twilight", what flu strain caused Edward Cullen's death?

#82. What supermodel plays a vampire in "Bordello of Blood"?

#83. In "Blade", what does the title character inject to stop the Vampire virus?

#84. What is the muppet vampire on "Sesame Street"?

#85. Who was Kiefer Sutherland's character in "The Lost Boys"?

#86. Who played the title role in "Van Helsing"?

#87. What is unique about vampire hearts?

#88. In the horror film "Dusk Till Dawn", who did the special effects and played a vampire?

#89. Which is a vampire creature from "Magic: The Gathering"?

#90. Which Robert Rodriguez movie features vampires?

#91. On the night before their wedding in "Twilight: Breaking Dawn Pt. 1", Edward reveals to Bella that when he first became a vampire, he did what?

#92. What happens to vampire bats if they can't find blood for two nights in a row?

#93. Vampires cannot enter homes of the living unless what happens?

#94. What pop star played the blood-sucking Countess Elizabeth Johnson in "American Horror Story: Hotel"?

#95. What is the main character's name in "Nosferatu"?

#96. Chinese vampires were called a ch'iang shih which translated to what?

#97. Whose picture is hanging in the vampires' cave in "The Lost Boys"?

#98. Rocker Adam Ant starred as a goody-two-shoes vampire in which of these films?

#99. What vampire related course is very popular at the University of Virginia?

#100. Where does the TV series "The Originals" take place?