Technology Quiz

Technology Quiz



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#1. From what two words is the term "pixel" derived?

#2. When was Industrial Light and Magic founded?

#3. In the computing world, what is "Apache"?

#4. What is the Apple speaker with Siri built-in?

#5. What phone-only video streaming service launched in April 2020 and was closed down by December 2020?

#6. What is the typical frequency range for a subwoofer used in consumer products?

#7. In 1949, RCA introduced records running at what RPM?

#8. What is a single request from a browser to a server called?

#9. Nintendo's first coin-op arcade game was a version of what board game?

#10. What does the file extension .MPEG stand for?

#11. is an example of what type of address?

#12. In 2020, the Weber company introduced a hub that networks your smartphone with what device?

#13. What is the purpose of an airfoil on an airplane?

#14. What company made SLVR and RAZR cell phones?

#15. Which software company makes Excel?

#16. Orange street lighting is orange because of what element in the lamp?

#17. A Brannock Device measures what?

#18. What is best described as a term given to the first version of a digital product?

#19. In what year was the integrated circuit invented?

#20. Who were the co-founders of Yahoo?

#21. What was the original name of the Sony Walkman?

#22. Unveiled in 2020, the S-Pod is a self-balancing, motorized chair from what scooter company?

#23. What is the control for the sound level between the left or right speakers?

#24. What is a technical term for the "brain" of the computer?

#25. Who sold to Yahoo?

#26. What is another name for an ethernet card?

#27. What Google program uses satellite imagery to display detailed topographical maps?

#28. What company is the maker of BarraCuda disk drives?

#29. Slideshare was acquired by which company in 2012?

#30. What online company was founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in 1998?

#31. What brand of personal digital assistant devices was made by Dell?

#32. In what year did Google release its first-ever Live-Action Doodle?

#33. Ownership of an idea is defined as what?

#34. The octal numbering system is based on how many digits?

#35. What does the acronym URL stand for?

#36. What is the definition of an intranet?

#37. What can you measure in units of Pascal, Torr, or Bar?

#38. What is Microsoft's cloud service?

#39. Which term refers to a standard computer keyboard?

#40. What is a bar code identifier number used on products called?

#41. was founded in what year?

#42. What company makes the Surface Pro computer?

#43. Attempting to steal personal data through emails is called what?

#44. Who developed the world's first color e-book reader?

#45. In computer science, what does DOS stand for?

#46. What did Felix Wankel of Germany develop in 1954?

#47. What does the term WAN stand for?

#48. What was the first video game to use the Super FX chip?

#49. Which tech company has its headquarters on a road named Infinite Loop?

#50. If a person on the Internet says they are ROFL, what are they doing?


#51. What is the name of the all-in-one virtual reality headset developed by Oculus?

#52. FTP stands for file transfer _____?

#53. The robotic pet Aibo was released by which company?

#54. What does the acronym LCD stand for?

#55. What year did IBM debut its first personal computer?

#56. What is best described as a database that contains a single table?

#57. What weed inspired George de Mestral to invent Velcro?

#58. What movie featured an intelligent computer called HAL 9000?

#59. Which software giant was accused of breaking antitrust laws in 2000?

#60. What wireless technology replaced infrared?

#61. Which electrical wire size has the largest diameter?

#62. What car won the 2009 Green Car Vision Award and the 2011 Motor Trend Car of the Year?

#63. Which electric car company lost $100 million after a controversial review in 2013?

#64. What British scientist and lecturer discovered electromagnetic induction?

#65. What new type of camera did Polaroid introduce in 1947?

#66. Which model of the iPhone came out in 2020?

#67. What technology was first deployed in 2008 to create Bitcoin?

#68. Which one of these inventions came first?

#69. What Tesla founder said he expected to complete a fully autonomous vehicle by 2020?

#70. LIDAR is an acronym that stands for what?

#71. What company manufactures the Core i9 processor?

#72. How did the first mechanical windshield wipers work?

#73. In what year was the invention of the solar cell?

#74. Loon LLC used high-altitude balloons for what purpose?

#75. In 2020, the rollout started for the third version of what protocol used to send information over the Internet?

#76. Which kind of clock is accurate within one second in 1.7 million years?

#77. What is the expected battery life in the 5G Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra phone?

#78. What is used for the Windows keyboard shortcut undo?

#79. What is the name of the popular Nintendo handheld game system released in 1989?

#80. What is the Internet meme called when a person hangs from an object by their feet?

#81. In what year did Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs build the first Apple personal computer?

#82. Which of the following features did the Zune MP3 player not have?

#83. What is estimated to make up 37.9% of all Internet traffic?

#84. What was the original name for the Internet?

#85. Which of the following is an AMD server processor?

#86. What is the process of finding and fixing the causes of software failures?

#87. On a web page, what is the text that contains a link to other text called?

#88. What is Amazon's Echo product with video called?

#89. What claims to be the first self-balancing electric transportation device?

#90. What does the PhoneSoap Pro sanitizer use to kill germs on your cell phone?

#91. The Kindle eBook reader is a product put out by which company?

#92. In 1896, what did James Boyle's automatic hat do?

#93. What started as part of the Lucasfilm computer division known as the Graphics Group?

#94. Given the rise of search engines, what does SEO stand for?

#95. How many revolutions per minute does an LP record turn?

#96. 5G is a mobile network, so what does the G stand for?


#97. LinkedIn co-founder, Reid Hoffman, used to work for which company before leaving to start LinkedIn?

#98. The 2020 Consumer Electronics Show took place in what city?

#99. What does the letter M in HDMI stand for?

#100. What is an article explaining a technology called?