Circus of Power’s former guitarist, Gary Sunshine

“Beer, Picks & Old Records” Album

Genre: Rock: Americana Release Date: 2019

by Phillip Manual

Circus of Power’s former guitarist, Gary Sunshine, prepares new record funded through Kickstarter.

Gary Sunshine is the former guitarist/songwriter with Circus of Power, NY Loose, The Silos, Screaming Sneakers, and is presently preparing a new release for 2019. In between session work for an assortment of artists including Guns N’ Roses, Steph Casey and Gravity Kills, Gary has been writing, recording and releasing his own songs as well. 

Guitarist/Singer-Songwriter Gary Sunshine, “I wear my roots and influences proudly on my sleeve and in my songs. NYC, Rock & Roll, Blues, Punk music, R&B, Americana, Al Green, Dylan, The Stones, Steve Earle, The Ramones, Patti Smith, Lou Reed, Lucinda Williams, Tom Waits, Gil Scott-Heron, Leonard Cohen, Bad Brains, Jimmy Page, The Replacements, Muddy Waters and The Clash for starters”.

Gary seems excited and driven. “I’ve just started a Kickstarter campaign to help fund this record. The record will include a few close friends as well as a bunch of guitars, and will surprise more than a few listeners familiar with my work. I’ve been writing a lot of songs over the past few years and I’ve reached the point where I need to make this record. The Kickstarter angle for me is that it will afford me the opportunity to do this completely on my terms. It’s on me”.“So far I’ve been really surprised by the support and interest I’ve been receiving. Yeah I still need to hit the goal to make this happen, but I’m happy with things so far”.

For more info go to Gary’s Kickstarter campaign or simply go to and search Gary Sunshine.

Genre: Rock: Americana Release Date: 2019

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