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Food Quiz



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#1. What are garbanzo beans also known as?

#2. What famous fast-food company lost a lawsuit for intentionally making their coffee too hot?

#3. What does the HP in HP Sauce stand for?

#4. What kind of chocolate cake usually has coconut on it?

#5. What is another name for a slow cooker?

#6. In a duck confit, the duck meat is preserved in what ingredient?

#7. Where did jerk seasoning originate?

#8. Which ad slogan has been promoted by Kraft Macaroni & Cheese?

#9. How many pleats are in a traditional chef's hat?

#10. Brown peas and bacon are traditionally cooked in which country for Christmas morning?

#11. What is the term for squashing dough with your hands to make it smooth and elastic?

#12. In English, what does Pico de Gallo, the popular Mexican topping, mean?

#13. What porridge is eaten by many Finland residents for the traditional Christmas morning?

#14. What is a Bueche de Noel?

#15. What three flavors are in Neapolitan ice cream?

#16. Which spice is used to flavor cevapcici?

#17. What shape is the pasta called chiocciole?

#18. Where did pound cake get its name?

#19. Who authored a book with a character named Lorna Doone, after whom the Nabisco cookies were named?

#20. In which country is a dry cod-fish traditionally eaten on Christmas morning?

#21. What garden creature is known in France as "escargot"?

#22. Where is Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest, held every year in July?

#23. What is another term for the white of an egg?

#24. What is the name for the process by which yeast causes bread to rise?

#25. Kosher cooking requires keeping which types of food separate?

#26. How many colors did the original Skittles candy come in?

#27. Before turkey was introduced to England, what did wealthy people have for Christmas dinner?

#28. What kind of food is a casaba?

#29. Baklava is a traditional food of which country?

#30. Which food can be called marrowfat?

#31. What small breads are filled with raisins, topped with icing, and served at Easter time?

#32. Gatorade is named after the Gators college football team from which state?

#33. When were automatic electric dough mixing machines introduced?

#34. What is in buttercream icing that is not in royal icing?

#35. What is tahini made from?

#36. Wine with hints of berries, cherries, or apples would be described as what?

#37. What's the best way to know when a cranberry is ripe?

#38. What is the French name for the traditional Yule log-shaped cake served in France at Christmas?

#39. What causes the blueness in blue vein cheese?

#40. What is the name of the cut of beef that hangs between the rib and the loin?

#41. What kind of cheese is flamed in brandy and served in Greece as saganaki?

#42. In what type of cuisine is a tomatillo mainly found?

#43. What are the food ingredients of ganache?

#44. What did a Burger King Whopper cost when first introduced in 1957?

#45. The Blizzard is a famous ice cream concoction sold at which chain?

#46. What popular diet cola first appeared in 1962?

#47. What U.S. city is the Faygo Soda brand based in?

#48. What cheese, originally made in France, has a rich mushroom flavor?

#49. What chain claimed, "Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce, special orders won't upset us"?

#50. What is poi made from?

#51. Where does arabica coffee originate?

#52. Which of these toppings is used on a Hawaiian pizza?

#53. What is another name for the Queensland nut or bush nut?

#54. What was the original name of Kool-Aid?

#55. In a TV commercial that first aired in 1979, a boy gives "Mean" Joe Greene which soft drink?

#56. What type of meat would you use for Irish stew?

#57. An Arnold Palmer (drink) is made with equal parts of what two drinks?

#58. What do the R and C mean in RC Cola?

#59. From what grain is pumpernickel bread made?

#60. What do you have in the pot if you cook up some Mexican frijoles?

#61. What candy bar has a white nougat center surrounded by caramel and covered in peanuts?

#62. What is the highest USDA grade for steaks?

#63. What discontinued General Mills cereal used the slogan "Makes your tummy feel yummy"?

#64. What is the main flavoring ingredient in the classic sauce perigord?

#65. Which U.S. sandwich shop originally went by Pete's Super Submarines?

#66. What kind of meat is prosciutto?

#67. What popular Japanese food features deep-fried curry wrapped in a piece of dough?

#68. Mario Batali began his restaurant career working as a dishwasher at what New Jersey restaurant?

#69. Brushing or spooning fat or juices over meat during roasting to add flavor and prevent dryness is?

#70. What color is a ripe coffee berry?

#71. What is used to thicken gazpacho?

#72. What does the term au gratin mean when cooking?

#73. When cooking a sauce or custard, what is it when a thick and forms a film on a metal spoon?

#74. What does the Italian term al dente mean regarding pasta?

#75. Which of these is not a kind of cheese?

#76. What is the very yummy German treat "apfelpfannkuchen" in English?

#77. What was the name of Jamie Oliver's live cookery roadshow?

#78. What would you do if a recipe asked you to saute a chopped onion?

#79. What meat is the primary ingredient in booyah?

#80. Basic okonomiyaki is a pancake made of what?

#81. Which item is a potato-based noodle?

#82. Which of the following is a type of sweet onion?

#83. What is the famous brand of cast iron cookware that originated in France?

#84. What is another name for Arugula?

#85. When was the first drive-thru McDonald's opened?

#86. What sauce is made by adding white wine, vinegar, and tarragon to hollandaise sauce?

#87. In cooking, what does etouffee mean?


#88. When the first Baskin-Robbins store opened in 1945, how many flavors did it sell?

#89. A whisk would be a good choice for completing which of these cooking tasks?

#90. Which of these is a fruit very high in vitamin A?

#91. Which of the following is a cruciferous vegetable?

#92. Which is a real monster breakfast cereal?

#93. The ancient Romans used the word mala to refer to what?

#94. What is the main ingredient in French Canadian Tarte au sucre?

#95. What is browning meat quickly in a skillet over high heat or under the broiler to seal in juices?

#96. What do you call the made from pears counterpart to hard apple cider?

#97. What is the characteristic ingredient in spaghetti vongole?

#98. Which ice cream company produced Phish Sticks and The Vermonster?

#99. In which countries is ceviche considered a national dish?

#100. What would you be served in a Japanese restaurant if you ordered Unagi maki?