Automobile Quiz

Automobile Quiz



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#1. Which of the following cars had gull-wing doors?

#2. What became the maximum U.S. national highway speed limit in 1974?

#3. What car manufacturer made the 280ZX in the 1980s?

#4. In the car industry, what do the initials BMW stand for?

#5. What car brand sells the electric vehicle called the Bolt?

#6. What is a slang term for putting on tire chains on a truck?

#7. Which car is a famous Porsche model?

#8. Which popular 1960's American car was affectionately known as "The Goat"?

#9. Which type of engine would you be most likely to find glow plugs in?

#10. Which auto manufacturer established Saturn in 1985?

#11. What auto manufacturer makes the Dakota?

#12. What car company uses the tag line "Ultimate Driving Machine"?

#13. What is the name of the sport hybrid coupe that Honda began producing in 2010?

#14. Which subsidiary of General Motors established in 1985 was discontinued in 2010?

#15. Which eternally popular Volkswagen car dropped the word New from its 2012 model?

#16. What car manufacturer makes the Altima?

#17. Which boxy MPV went on sale in the US in 2009 for the first time?

#18. Which Florida city provides the name of Chevrolet's compact MPV unveiled at the 2008 Paris Motor Show?

#19. What is Nissan's all-electric car model called?

#20. What car would someone call a "Pug"?

#21. What car company made the PT Cruiser?

#22. What kind of snake is Dodge's 2-door V10 coupe?

#23. What is a measure of the steepest angle a vehicle can navigate over without scraping the underbody called?

#24. What is the ability to shift from two-wheel drive to four-wheel drive while the vehicle is moving?

#25. What helps protect a vehicle's undercarriage from damage when driving off-road?

#26. What was the company name of Nissan before it became Nissan?

#27. The most popular car color in the USA for 2020 was which color?

#28. In what year did the Chevrolet Camaro first come out?

#29. What year was the Corvette Stingray first introduced?

#30. Which year were Toyotas first sold in the United States?

#31. What year was the first Mercury Cougar made?

#32. What was the last year of the Ford Maverick compact car in the USA?

#33. Which of these 15-inch tires would be considered to have the lowest profile?

#34. What is the name of the factory that the 2022 GMC Hummer EV is built?

#35. What car company owns the Acura division?

#36. What truck won the MotorTrend SUV of the Year award for 2020?

#37. What was the best-selling car or light truck model worldwide in 2018

#38. What was the four-wheel-drive Willys first made for?

#39. The Edsel car failed terribly, and it was a product of which car company?

#40. What is Jaguar's all-electric car model called?

#41. What did Ford Motor Company introduce as a custom option in 1965?

#42. What is the body of a DeLorean made out of?

#43. De Soto was a subsidiary of what car manufacturer?

#44. What car brand offers the Rubicon truck?

#45. What truck won the MotorTrend Truck of the Year award for 2020?

#46. On the Mazda GLC, the letters GLC stand for what?

#47. What is the logo of Mack Trucks?

#48. Who was apparently the first person who made and sold spark plugs in the U.S.?

#49. What was the name of the original Corvette's engine?

#50. What car manufacturer makes the Montero?

#51. What kind of car did the Cunninghams have on the "Happy Days" TV show?

#52. What did Felix Wankel of Germany develop in 1954?

#53. On the '71 Volkswagen Beetle, where is the water pump located?

#54. What truck won the MotorTrend Truck Of the Year award for 2012?

#55. Who was responsible for the introduction of the Ford Mustang in 1964?

#56. What car company came up with the 3-point seat belts?

#57. What does KR stand for on the 500 series Shelby Mustang?

#58. By what name is the Mazda Miata known in Australia?

#59. What car was nicknamed the "Batmobile"?

#60. Which company produced the Spitfire?

#61. What kind of car is the Toyota Allion?

#62. Which Ferrari was named after Sr. Ferrari's son?

#63. Which automaker produced a car called the President?

#64. What was the original name of the Porsche 911?

#65. What color was the Cadillac Bruce Springsteen wrote about in a 1981 song?

#66. When the suspension attached to the tires compresses when going over a bumpy surface, what is it called?

#67. Brilliance Auto is from what country?

#68. In the Lamborghini Diablo VT what does "VT" stand for?

#69. What did a Ford Model T cost in U.S. dollars when it was first sold in 1908?

#70. What was the first year Ford used a spin-on oil filter?

#71. In the movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", what classic Ferrari was taken by Ferris to pick up his girlfriend?

#72. What year did the entire automobile industry adopt four headlights?

#73. What was the last year of production for the Buick Reatta?

#74. What is the range of BMW's electric car model, the BMW i3?

#75. What is the mileage range of a 2020 Tesla 3 Performance model?

#76. What was the life expectancy of an average car in 1995?

#77. How much storage does a Tesla Cybertruck hold?

#78. Which of the following BMWs was nicknamed the "Baroque Angel"?

#79. How many cars were sold worldwide in 2018?

#80. What British automobile company made a car called the Super Snipe?

#81. Which Chevrolet did Ralph Nader proclaim "Unsafe at any Speed"?

#82. In 2011, which car won the MotorWeek Drivers' Choice award for Best Minivan?

#83. What was the first pickup truck to feature dual rear wheels?

#84. What car won the MotorTrend Car of the Year award for 2011?

#85. Chevrolet took its name from a French race car driver. So what was Mr. Chevrolet's first name?

#86. When parking a car facing uphill, what should you do?

#87. The person who styled the Tesla Model S previously worked for which car company?

#88. Regarding the British MG sports car, what do the letters "MG" stand for?

#89. What car manufacturer sells Sedona minivans?

#90. What was the first car to have air conditioning?

#91. What truck won the MotorTrend Pickup Truck of the Year award for 2020?

#92. What automotive designer is played by Matt Damon in the film "Ford v Ferrari"?

#93. In the movie "John Wick", Keanu Reeves did most of his own stunt driving using what car in the film?

#94. What kind of car did the boys drive in "Wayne's World"?

#95. What car did Thelma and Louise drive in the classic film "Thelma & Louise"?

#96. What was Tony Stark's main car throughout the first "Iron Man" film?

#97. What did General Motors come out with to compete with the Ford Ranchero?

#98. What fast-driving rocker sang "I Can't Drive 55"?

#99. What small car made in the former nation of Yugoslavia became a punchline for comedians?

#100. What highway does Bruce Springsteen sing about in "Born To Run"?