Animal Quiz




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#1. How many chambers does a fish heart have?

#2. Which sea creature will sometimes eject its entire digestive system to evade attackers?

#3. Which mammal is renowned for its ability to fight snakes?

#4. What is a group of whales called?

#5. In what country would you find a kiwi bird?

#6. How many people can 1 gram of king cobra venom kill?

#7. What animal is a large, flightless, nocturnal, solitary parrot from New Zealand?

#8. What is the name of a female fox?

#9. By what nickname is the Pepsid Wasp known?

#10. Which type of horse is named from the Spanish word meaning "painted"?

#11. How many legs does a dung beetle have?

#12. To confuse its attacker, which snake will roll over and fake a gruesome death?

#13. Which of these is a large-eyed primate from Madagascar?

#14. Sea otters and polar bears belong to which group of marine mammals?

#15. What is also known as a "roof lizard"?

#16. At what age does a muskrat become independent of its mother?

#17. A buck, or male deer, is also called a what?

#18. Which mammal is nocturnal and has a black-and-white striped face?

#19. A typical spider has how many legs?

#20. Which Australian mammal swallows large amounts of soil with its food?

#21. How many feet can a porcupine throw its quills?

#22. Which is the smallest species of deer?

#23. Which animal's young is called an elver?

#24. Where can lemurs be found?

#25. The science term "canine" is best defined as?

#26. Approximately how long is the gestation period for a blue whale calf?

#27. What is the gazelle's usual defense against predators?

#28. Which of these animals has the highest blood pressure?

#29. A Monk Fish is also called by what nickname?

#30. Which rhinoceros has only one horn?

#31. What kind of animal is a klipspringer?

#32. What is a group of rhinoceroses called?

#33. Which animal has the digestive system of a carnivore but is a vegetarian?

#34. Which bird has been spotted on the slopes of Mount Everest, five miles above sea level?

#35. How does a cricket hear?

#36. A finless porpoise takes its name from a near-complete lack of which fin?

#37. What animal is large and lives at the North Pole?

#38. What is a nocturnal, giraffe-like animal from the African rainforests called?

#39. Which of these living things has been called a "living fossil"?

#40. What is another name for a dhole?

#41. A whale breathes air through blowholes located on which part of its head?

#42. What is an alternate name for a honey badger?

#43. What is a male camel known as?

#44. What is a female turkey called?

#45. What do you call a group of geese flying together?

#46. In Egyptian mythology, jackals were commonly associated with which god?

#47. Which of these dinosaurs was a meat-eater?

#48. The "goiter" of a Goitered gazelle is found on what part of its body?

#49. Which species is a brightly-colored songbird?

#50. To which family does the roadrunner belong?

#51. Where do dogs sweat from?

#52. The Arabian or one-humped camel is also known as what?

#53. What do fiddler crabs do with their one large claw?

#54. The kea, a type of parrot, is especially fond of what type of food?

#55. What type of frequencies do bats use for their radar?

#56. The wolverine is the largest of which family of mammals?

#57. Termite colonies are legendary for their ability to consume what substance?

#58. What large white seabird has a yellowish head, black-tipped wings, and long bills?

#59. Which of the following animals has the scientific name Varanus komodoensis?

#60. Which insect can feign a bodily explosion to deter its enemies?

#61. What synonym for laughter is also a term for a group of hyenas?

#62. What seabird is named for its presumed lack of intelligence?

#63. What color is a Bichon Frise?

#64. What is a stag with twelve-point antlers known as?

#65. What do minnows have in their throat?

#66. The tapir is related to the horse and what other animal?

#67. What is the feeding structure found in sea urchins?

#68. What is the name given to the largest of all the penguins?

#69. Which animal is on the emblem of Great Britain?

#70. A nanny is an adult female animal of what sort?

#71. A civet has black bands around its eyes, similar to what other mammal?

#72. What makes up most of an elephant's trunk?

#73. Which rodent is also called a groundhog?

#74. What is a group of bears called?

#75. What is the soft, triangular, fleshy part of the inside of a horse's hoof called?

#76. What is a family group of warthogs called?

#77. What is the definition of "stegosaurus"?

#78. What color are flamingos when they hatch out of the egg?

#79. A young male horse is called a what?

#80. What is the classification of a weasel?

#81. What is an aardvark's primary source of food?

#82. Where was Lhasa Apsos originally bred?

#83. What is the primary food source of barn owls?

#84. In what way do porpoises differ from dolphins?

#85. Which family of mammals does the quokka belong to?

#86. What is a baby whale called?

#87. What are black and white bears from China called?

#88. Which of the following is not a member of the mollusk family?

#89. What animal is a large, tree-dwelling ape?

#90. The Portuguese man-of-war is also known by what colorful nickname?

#91. When attacked, what does the giant petrel bird use for defense?

#92. Which is the only mammal to have oval rather than circular blood corpuscles?

#93. Which animal is a ground squirrel?

#94. What name is given to the ring of thick, shaggy fur around a male African lion's head?

#95. Which of the following is a monotreme?

#96. Which burrowing animal can find his way around his burrow despite being almost blind?

#97. Which impairment does a squirrel have?

#98. Which of these birds lays the largest clutch of eggs?

#99. Which small sea animal is considered a link between vertebrates and invertebrates?

#100. To which family does the caracal belong?