2021 The Year In Review Quiz

2021 The Year In Review Quiz



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#1. What 2021 film is about a robot that lives on post-apocalyptic earth?

#2. Who did Gwen Stefani marry on July 3rd, 2021?

#3. Who is the "7 Rings" singer who got married over the May 15th, 2021 weekend?

#4. What music icon released the single "Thank You" recorded in her home studio?

#5. The 2021 film "Annette" starring Adam Driver is taken from an original story and songs from which band?

#6. What soccer great made his Paris Saint-Germain debut on August 29th, 2021?

#7. What school was ranked number 1 for the first time in history in the AP Top 25 in college basketball on December 6th, 2021?

#8. The movie "The Many Saints of Newark" premiered on October 1st, 2021, what series is it a prequel to?

#9. Who hosted the 73rd annual "Primetime Emmy Awards" on September 19, 2021?

#10. Who won the women's singles title at the 2021 Australian Open?

#11. What was the best-selling video game of 2021?

#12. What artist released the electropop song "EveryTime I Cry" in June 2021?

#13. What is the name of the flying car that successfully flew between airports at an altitude of 8,200 feet?

#14. What is NASA's space telescope that launched on Christmas morning 2021?

#15. What is the name of the first new megacasino to open on the Las Vegas Strip in more than a decade?

#16. Who won their 11th Olympic medal in track and field at the Tokyo Olympics?

#17. What MLB team picked up former MVP Kris Bryant at the 2021 MLB trade deadline?

#18. In what unusual way did the Better.com CEO fire 900 employees?

#19. What TV series was given 7 Emmy awards at the 73rd annual "Primetime Emmy Awards" show?

#20. Renamed American Family Field in 2021, whose home field is it?

#21. Who plays Lucy in the movie "Being the Ricardos"?

#22. The 2021 hit song "If I Didn't Love You" is by which duet?

#23. Who did the Milwaukee Bucks defeat to win the East and make it to the NBA Finals in 2021?

#24. Major League Baseball's May 2021 batting average was the lowest in 50+ years. So what was it for the month?

#25. How long did Richard Branson and crew experience weightlessness in his July 2021 Virgin Galactic space flight?

#26. In August 2021, a 14-year-old California boy became the youngest person to swim the entire 21.3-mile length of what lake?

#27. What NFL team won their first four games of the 2021 regular season?

#28. Who was awarded College Football's Heisman Trophy on December 11, 2021?

#29. What famous monument was wrapped in fabric as an art installation on September 2021?

#30. Steve Bisciotti was an owner of what NFL team in 2021?

#31. Who stars as the head coach in the TV series "Ted Lasso"?

#32. What company went public in 2021 and became the largest IPO of a Utah-based company?

#33. What became the first hurricane of the 2021 Atlantic storm season?

#34. Auction house Sotheby's has embraced what new asset to auction off in June 2021?

#35. Who shows up in "Space Jam A New Legacy" in a scene where LeBron and Bugs are looking for more members for the Tune Squad?

#36. Baseball's rookie left-hander Tyler Gilbert no-hit the Padres in his first career MLB start, and what team did he play for?

#37. What milestone did Grammy-winning rapper Megan Thee Stallion achieve in December 2021?

#38. What was the Ohio State Buckeyes ranking in the Week 3 AP Top 25 college football poll?

#39. What is the name of Seattle's new hockey team in 2021?

#40. Whose memoir is titled "Broken Horses: A Memoir"?

#41. What rock star's guitar sold at auction over the September 25th, 2021 weekend for more than $900,000?

#42. What lit up the night sky over southern Scandinavia early Sunday, July 25th, 2021?

#43. What is the title of the John Krasinski thriller that opened at theatres Memorial Day Weekend 2021?

#44. In 1961, a 10-year-old Gwen Goldman wrote a letter to the Yankees expressing what dream which finally came true in 2021?

#45. What sports legend's grandson made his professional boxing debut with a victory on August 14th, 2021?

#46. Who did Paul McCartney name in an October 2021 BBC Radio interview was responsible for breaking up the band?

#47. Who is the pop star celebrity that turned 40-years old on Sept 4, 2021?

#48. What two brothers have a "Monday Night Football" talk show?

#49. What Pro Football Hall of Famer died on January 1st, 2021?

#50. The Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts died in 2021 at what age?

#51. Whose debut studio album, "Collapsed in Sunbeams", was released in 2021 and peaked at number three on the UK Albums Chart?

#52. What Olympic basketball player scored 48 points in their Olympic debut?

#53. Who is the actor, director, and narrator who turned 84 on June 1st, 2021?

#54. In August 2021, Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg joined a conference call with analysts and brought up what new concept at least 24 times?

#55. Tom Brady's NFT (non-fungible token) by Autograph sold out instantly on what company's new NFT Digital Asset Marketplace in August 2021?

#56. Who hit the sacrifice fly in the Boston Red Sox's walk-off win to make it to the 2021 American League Championship Series?

#57. Who won the Tour Championship and 2021 FedEx Cup title?

#58. What company rebranded itself as Meta?

#59. Who is the former LA Galaxy captain who retired from MLS in 2021?

#60. What did it say on Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's dress at the 2021 Met Gala?

#61. Retired NBA star Dwyane Wade is the host of what TBS game show that premiered on June 10, 2021?

#62. Who lit the Olympic flame at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics in 2021?

#63. What surprising item sold for the record-breaking US $19,297 on a New Zealand auction site?

#64. Who did Aretha Franklin choose to play her in her biographical film "Respect"?

#65. What NFL team missed three potential game-winning field goals before finally winning on the fourth attempt in week 5 of the 2021 season?

#66. Complete the title of this Marvel Studios film "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the _______"?

#67. What NFL quarterback was shut out for the first time in his NFL career in a November game in the 2021 NFL season?

#68. Who was named the Super Bowl MVP in 2021?

#69. In the first Game 7 of the 2021 NBA postseason, what player scored 46 points and had 14 assists?

#70. How many people were on board the Blue Origin flight into space on July 20th?

#71. Who plays Usnavi in the 2021 film version of the Broadway musical "In the Heights"?

#72. Where was Major League Baseball's "Field of Dreams" baseball game played on August 12th, 2021?

#73. Who plays supervillain Safin in the James Bond film "No Time To Die"?

#74. Whose 2021 autobiography is titled "Windswept & Interesting"?

#75. Who was one of the honorees at the 44th Annual Kennedy Center Honors held in December 2021?

#76. What high-priced car manufacturer announced in May 2021, all of their cars will have an electric motor by 2024?

#77. What did Olympic great Usain Bolt and Kasi Bennet name their newborn twins?

#78. Who is wearing the iconic Tiffany Diamond, one of the world's largest yellow diamonds, in a 2021 ad campaign?

#79. How many active NBA players made the NBA 75th Anniversary Team announced in October 2021?

#80. Who joins Blake Shelton as the very special guest on his Friends and Heroes 2021 Tour in September 2021?

#81. Who released the album "21st Century Love Songs" in 2021?

#82. What country won the 2021 CONCACAF Gold Cup?

#83. How old was Tom Brady when he led the Bucs to an opening game victory over Dallas in 2021?

#84. Why was Vancouver Canucks defenseman Tucker Poolman suspended for two games without pay by the NHL in November 2021?

#85. What film was Hong Kong's entry for the 2021 Oscars?

#86. Who flew aboard Blue Origin's first human trip to space?

#87. Sir Mick Jagger celebrated his birthday on the 26th of July 2021. So how old did he turn?

#88. Who is the Maurice Podoloff Trophy recipient as the 2020-21 Kia NBA Most Valuable Player?

#89. What is the 2021 Netflix live-action series based on a 1998 Japanese anime series?

#90. Which Kardashian announced her engagement to drummer Travis Barker in October 2021?

#91. What character does Jason Momoa play in the September 2021 released film "Dune"?

#92. Who played Ted Cruz on "Saturday Night Live" in the show's opening on November 13, 2021?

#93. Dominic Toretto and Letty Ortiz are characters in what 2021 movie?

#94. What did Prince Harry and Meghan Markle name their new daughter born on June 4th, 2021?

#95. What is the title of the Disney movie based on a Disney park ride that was released in July 2021?

#96. June 14, 2021, was Flag Day in the USA. How old did the flag turn on this day?

#97. Which NFL team won their first three games of the 2021 NFL Preseason?

#98. According to Google, what is the most searched costume idea in the US for Halloween 2021?

#99. Who had to be separated from Machine Gun Kelly by security guards at the "2021 MTV Video Music Awards"?

#100. Who was named the New Artist of the Year at the "American Music Awards 2021"?